Our mission at Balcode is to provide the Balkans with a quality education in IT and work to those who want to prove themselves in the world of computers.


After our first visit to Albania in search of the best candidate city for us to start in, the city of Kuçovë in central Albania quickly made itself a clear-cut favourite. The motivation and energy the youth have there is incredible. They have great interest to participate in the project, so it was really a perfect match.

Code Week Kuçovë

Just one month after teaming up, we ran our first event. "Code Week Kuçovë" was a three day event ran by the Balcode youth in Kuçovë from the 15th-17th of October 2018. On each day they presented one of the themes of graphics design, programming and web design to an audience of about 30 young adults. They also played games and had an Ozobot to test out and play with for the event, which was particularly popular.


Visiting the Kuçovë Local High Schools

Over the four weeks between the 23rd of October and 14th of November, we had the chance to visit 4 high schools in Kuçovë and the nearby villages of Kozare and Perondi. Namely: "Shkolla e bashkuar Perondi", "Gjimnazi i pergjithshem 5 tetori", "Shkolla e mesme e bashkuar Havaleas" and "Myrteza Kepi". Our visits introduced these high schoolers to the basic concepts that are dealt with in IT and showed them some fun things you can do with just simple IT knowledge. Ranging from funny graphics to programming Ozobots and building a website, we briefly touched upon all of those subjects and reached out to nearly 100 young adults doing so.


Who We Are

Balcode was founded in the spring of 2018 as VTA's first project focusing on social development through education. We believe that through IT we can help young people in the Balkans build themselves a better future in their city. Our students will be provided with a quality education in programming, web design, and graphics design by arranging professionals from abroad to educate them in the different fields of IT in a course-based system. Graduates of our program will have work prepared for them so those interested will be able to apply their knowledge on the global market right away in our business created to hire these young people to give them a start to their careers. The project is being ran in cooperation with it's students and they participate in every key decision. Another important concept of this project is that portion of the money earned will be re-invested into the community, mainly into other youth activities. The youth of the Balkans have a great potential, we want to be there to give them options to use it and to make the life in their community better in the process.

How You Can Help

As it is with any new project. Support of any shape and size is very welcomed. Below is a short list of some of our ideas how you can help us out.

  • Tell a friend about us
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Donation of technology
  • Financial donation
  • Connect us with somebody who you know could possibly help us

Our current focus is on technology. In order for the participants to be able to learn properly they need the right tools, which in Albania can be somewhat hard to come by. Our goal is to arrange 25 computers and some fun tools to make the education as fun as it can be (Ozobot, Cubroid, CoderBunnyz board game etc.). The plan after we arrange the technological devices, is to be able to finance the stay of a lector to teach courses in IT to the youth and women.

Contact us:

Tel.: +420 773 042 933